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USS Arizona

Pearl Harbor Memorial

sunny 25 °C



Thousands of lives lost during a surprise attack on the Pacific fleet. Arizona now serves as a final resting place for those lost on the day but also for veterans who have chosen to be interred with their shipmates.


10 minute ride from the mainland to the mooring by boat


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Hello Las Vegas

Like WOW!!!

sunny 26 °C

5 and a half hour flight on Hawaiian Air after full body scan, shoes off etc.


What is the first thing we see on exit? Pokie machines in the airport terminal


Efficient taxi control out front by one man whistling taxis around like a veteran sheep famer at dog trials


Dropped to the Venetian hotel by an Italian man driving a Mustang, more pics from the hotel later but it is just stunning.


View from the room this morning, off to find breakfast.


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Pictues from the Venetian

sunny 25 °C

Yesterday we caught a cab out to the factory outlets, more shopping, yay! Having lots of fun looking around the Grand Canal shops and restaurants which is all in the hotel complex.
Got out for a nice romantic dinner by the canal last night
The hotel also has 10 pools so we are off to lay in the sun.

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Sunshine and Rock n Roll

Million dollar quartet

Finally found the pool deck which meanders all round the building for about half a km. Had breakfast at one of the many restaurants available in the pool area.
Found a couple of loungers, got talking to some Americans about Donald Trump, sank a few IPA's
Rushed off to dinner and a musical
Awesome jam session set in 1956 at Sun records. Managed to get a free upgrade to a booth seat

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Grand Canyon

Side Trip

semi-overcast 15 °C

Flew in a light plane with maverick air to Grand Canyon National park
The caught a 30 minute bus ride to the park entrance in this quaint trolley
Aparently more tourist pictures are taken here than anywhere else on earth and you can see why
Caught a few bumps on the return flight as we dodged through thunder clouds
Finished the day with a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant in the Venetian square

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Cramming Day

Last day in Vegas

Got up early to make the most of the last full day in Paradise ( that's actually the name of the suburb ) bused out to the shopping outlets again yay! On the return T met up with her Wax friends Madame Tussauds while I checked out some of the strip.


Caught up by the fountain and went to lunch across the street from the hotel, a place called Gill!y's at Treasure Island.
Texas food southern service
Walked through to the public bar afterwards and discovered a huge country western bar complete with hay bales, bucking bull and prospects of karaoke and line dancing.
T glammed herself up for another show "Human Nature" Australian band covering music from the 50's to today. I yawned and went to the casino which was a successful venture.
Celebrated the win at the Bourbon Room, yahoo!
Made our way back to Gilley's for some southern hospitality, mixed with some Texan country folk, T line danced with them while I watched the bull rides.

Caught a shot of two moons on they way home, how romantic.

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Bye bye Vegas

You lived up to your reputation

Got up at 5.50 and checked out of the Venetian. Managed to get off a $45 fine for putting a bottle of our wine in the mini bar fridge! Had a hangover breakfast at the airport, Ruby's Diner.
Had a smooth flight to Honolulu where we decided to hire a car and test driving on the right side of the road, or wrong side depending how you look at it.
Drove out to Kailua Beach to check in to our 'book a batch' type accommodation. The owner arrived 10 minutes after us in a beat up Corolla The bloodshot eyes and 3 day growth were superceded only by a grizzly looking pit bull dog. T bravely gave it a chance by at least looking at the room but concluded that she did not feel comfortable with the surrounding or the surly looking owner, we exited! Booked a room at the Hyatt instead.
Pretty tired so crashed early.

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Have wheels will travel

Once round Oahu

sunny 25 °C

Got up early and fueled up on free breakfast buffet. T snuck a little extra for lunch. Dropped the washing at the laudrymat and collected the Mustang from valet parking, getting better at the tipping by the way.
Got the GPS going and navigated our way out to the Waikele outlet shops . . .
Both of us got some bargains and then looped up around the north of the island, stopping at the botanical gardens and bonsai pipeline Ehukai beach.270_SAM_0304.jpgSAM_0307.jpg
Bansal Pipeline warning, we swam anyway
Sand surfing

The return journey took us via Honolulu business district at peak hour, offloaded the car and went out for dinner at Tiki's restaurant.

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Exit Waikiki to Kailua Beach

Drove over the hill to Hanamu Bay for a bit of snorkeling stopping at the lookout back towards Waikiki.
The beach was overcrowded and overrated compared to Rarotonga
Called into our cottage accommodation an dropped bags off. Did some grocery shopping at Safeway
Dropped the Mustang back at the car rentals and went to the local pub for a few drinks
Tried to bus back to the cottage, no taxis and no Uber, crashed without dinner hours later

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Relaxing day on the Beach

Sunny weather rolls on

sunny 26 °C

The cottage has a full kitchen so we went over to the supermarket and got our supplies. Food is very expensive so we stuck to the basics. Eggs on toast and muesli for breakfast. Found the access to the beach almost across the street so went for a swim.
Walked all the length of the beach to Kailua Beach Park. Flash holiday homes, Kite surfing, outrigger club
Found a watering hole called buzzes. Had a nice cold IPA and chatted with a local couple about their trip to NZ. People are so friendly here, they insisted that I try their Ahi sushimi, rate the Upheaval IPA, got told there's a full moon happening tonight.
Ran back to the batch in 15 minutes along the beach, chicken fajitas for dinner yum! 20160523_182328.jpg
Surprised T with a trip to see the full moon rising.

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